Business and Economy in Aligarh

Aligarh, also known as “ Mecca of Education” and “ Taala Nagari”, is a business city in the west of Uttar Pradesh. Here almost 25,000 small and large scale industries are manufacturing different products like glass, brass fittings, thermometers, flour milling, raw cotton, processing and butter making.

Buisness and Economy in Aliagrh

Lock Industry in Aligarh

Aligarh is mainly famous for manufacturing of locks and the famous link locks manufacturing unit is located here. This well-established and generations old business has over 6000 units with 200 crore rupees turnover. Locks made in Aligarh are of export quality and used worldwide. Economic foundation of Aligarh depends upon the lock industry which is source of income and employment to thousands of people. Here locks are made by modern as well as traditional methods. Heavy locks of iron and brass are made by traditional method.

Easy availability of raw material and power supply was also one of the reason to attract establishment of advanced lock factories in Aligarh. Being the most important industry, the government has also offered incentives to this cottage and small-scale industry.

The lock manufacturing small scale units are located all over Aligarh whereas big units are on the outskirts and in industrial area, Pala Road and Tala Nagari. The locks made in Aligarh are used in automobiles, steel furniture, doors, suitcases etc.

Prominent lock units in Aligarh are Geodore Lock Industry, Pioneer Lock Works, General Metal Foundry, Jemco Locks, Ambrin Lock Industries, Duke Locks and many more.

Brass Hardware and Sculpture Industry in Aligarh

Other than lock industry, Aligarh is also world known for brass products. Many manufacturers and exporters are dealing in brass iron, bronze and aluminium materials.

It is one of the largest brass fitting manufacturing market giving employment to may people. Plastic toy pistols, belts, handcuffs and badges for Government Supply and Schools are also manufactured in Aligarh.

Zinc Die Casting Industry in Aligarh

Aluminium, iron, zinc and bronze products are manufactured in Aligarh. Daily 50 tonnes of zinc and 100 tonnes of brass is processed. Aligarh is a large producer of zinc die casting process, consumed in local market. Maximum Zinc Alloy is consumed in Aligarh, compared to all of India. Hot Chambers die casting machines are available here in large numbers. Due to increase in export nowadays computerised and fully automatic hot chamber die casting machines have been installed. The most famous die casting unit is Indian Diecasting Industries, which is internationally famous firm.

Other Important Industries in Aligarh

Heinz Sauce manufacturing unit (15 km from Aligarh at Manzurgarhi), Ultra Tech Cement Factory, Satha Sugar Factory (12 kms. from Aligarh on Aligarh – Kasimpura route), Wave Distillery a unit of Kingfisher Beer 9 (at Atrauli ) and Indian Oil Boteling Plant (at Andla) and Hind Agro Industries Limited, full export unit of buffalo and sheep meat processing (on Anoopshahr Road) are also some of the famous units located in Aligarh.

Retail Industry in Aligarh

Construction business in Aligarh is progressing very rapidly. Many multi-storey buildings, apartments and shopping malls have been constructed by the developers from Aligarh and New Delhi. Great Shopping Mall (Ramghat Road), Sharda Mall (Centre Point), Great Value Mall (Ramghat Road), The Landmark Mall (Marris Road) and Ozone Mall (Ring Road) are under construction.

Many international sports and clothing brands have opened their showrooms in Aligarh.

Power Stations near Aligarh

15 kms. from city is located Kasimpura Power House, also known as Harduaganj Thermal Power Station. Narora Atomic Power Station, which is a nuclear power station is at a distance of 50 kms. from Aligarh city.

Inspite of two power stations near Aligarh, power cut even upto 10 hours daily is frequent in the city. This has compelled people of Aligarh to install generators and inverters in their homes and factories.

Aligarh as Centre of Agriculture

Aligarh has a Railway Junction, which has made it an agriculture trade centre and many agriculture products are now being manufactured here. 82% of population of Aligarh district is dependent on Agriculture Wheat, Sugarcane, Corn, Cotton, Barley, Millets, Gauva and Potato, which are its main products.

Geographical and historical elements have given Aligarh a unique personality.
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