Food in Aligarh

Food culture plays an integral part in day to day life on an individual. Uttar Pradesh has a vibrant food culture. Aligarh, one of its metro city world famous for Aligarh Muslim University, and lock industry is also famous for its food alike Kachauri, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, sweets and namkeens. Some very good non-veg dishes at a very affordable price are available in this Nawabi state.

Food in Aligarh

Major restaurants like Mezbaan, Mughal Kareem, Moti Mahal Delux, etc. are located in posh areas of Aligarh. These restaurants provide large variety of food such as Chaats, Chinese, North Indian, Mughlai, South Indian, Continental Thai and Fast Foods. To explore the local taste one has to go to road side dhabas near purani chungi area, Rasal Ganj and Tasveer Mahal. Apart from multi-cuisine restaurants many small food shops are also there that cook tasty Indian appetizers and sweets.

International fast food chains like Dominos, KFC, Pizza hut, VIP Pizza etc. have opened their outlets in Aligarh. Most of the Restaurants provide all kind of foods.

Aligarhians are addicted to Tea. They prefer to have tea after every important activity, be it celebrations, discussions and dispute. Most of them prefer strong Tea and Café – de – phoos, Café – de – laila and road side dhabas on Anoop Shaher Road and Medical Road.

Chinese Restaurants in Aligarh

Nowadays Chinese food is popular worldwide due to its delicious taste and attractive appearance. Authentic Chinese food is the healthiest food and an ideal diet. Even child is crazy about Chinese Food. Restaurants in Aligarh famous for Chinese Food like Fried Rice and Noodles, Chilli Garlic Noodles, Hot and Sour Soup, Egg Rolls, Dimsum, Dumplings etc. Some of the well-known restaurants are - Palm Tree Hotel & Restaurant, Kwality Snack Shop, Kwalitys Snacks Shoppe, Fazle – E – Kareem, Krati Restaurant, MAC Bobbys Restaurant and Chinese Corner.

South Indian Restaurants in Aligarh

South Indian Cuisine is most delicious, mouth-watering and hottest of all types of Indian food. Its rich flavour is due to the use of curry leaves, spices, mustard, Asafoetida, Chillies, Tamarind and Fenugreek seeds. Rice is an essential part of South Indian Food in some forms or other. Cuisines from the four Southern Indian states, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu from South Indian Cuisine. Restaurants in Aligarh, famous for their South Indian preparations like Dosa, Sambar, Rasam, Vada, Idlis, Appam, Uthappam and Biryani, etc. are: Curry Leaves, Zafraan Restaurant, Palm Tree Hotel & Restaurant, Kwality Snack Shop, Shri Sai Restaurant & P G House, Kwalitys Snacks Shoppe.

Fast Food in Aligarh

Changing lifetyles of the young, has made fast food industry a million dollar industry and it's providing employment to many people. This food which is prepared and served very quickly has outlets which provide take-away, drive-through, indoor and outdoor seating services where school and college going children sit and enjoy with their friends. Inspite of many disadvantages of Fast Food, international companies are opening their franchisee all over the world.

In Aligarh also many fast food chains are coming up like: Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, KFC Restaurant’ VIP Pizza, Fast Trax Restaurant, Shri Ram Fast Food, Duckchick Fast Food Point and many more.

Dhabas in Aligarh

In India and Pakistan, restaurants on the roadside, serving local cuisine at very affordable rates and where food tastes like homemade food are called dhabas. These are mostly open 24x7. Nowadays, because of cheap and tasty food, dhabas can be seen everywhere. Some of the dhabas in Aligarh are:
Sajid Bhai Dhaba, Raju Dhaba, Radhika Dhaba, Moti Lal Dhaba, Guru Dhaba, Baba Da Dhaba, Ajij Dhaba etc.

Bakeries in Aligarh

The art of baking is thousands of years old. Nowadays bakeries are providing high quality bakery products such as Bread, Cakes, Pastries, Pies, Biscuits and much more to tingle the taste buds of customers. Bakeries in Aligarh have shown decent growth during past years. These bakeries are providing finest quality milk products, sweets, breads, cakes and confectioneries to its customers. Some of the most popular bakeries of Aligarh are: Jassi’s breads and bytes, Chanchal Bakery, Justdial Aligarh, Puneet Food Products, Melrose Company PVT LTD, Punjab Bakers etc.

Cafe in Aligarh

In last twenty years, coffee culture has become very popular in India. Cafes are liked by young as well as old people, where one can hang about with friends and can also conduct official meetings. Café Coffee Day, Barista, Indian Coffee House are some of the popular coffee house chains in India. Some of these companies have also opened their outlets in Aligarh, the addresses of which are: Café Coffee Day, Cappuccino Café, Wheelers, Celebration Restaurant, Saleem Tea Stall and Keshav Coffee House.

Wine Shops in Aligarh

Domestic wine market in India is growing rapidly. Indian wine is expensive than United States market. Wine and Beer shops in Aligarh have fine quality like Kingfisher, Haywards, Cobra and Royal Challenge. Some of the famous Wine and Beer shops are: English Wine Shop, Kanju Wine Shop, Pappu Beer Shop and Manoj Beer Shop.
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